The Following Countries Offers Scholarship

USA 100% Scholarship (Tuition):
Despite Tuition In the USA is way too expensive for International student, we have 5 Tuition free universities we apply our student into. Most cover accommodation whilst some cover on Tuition. Click the Contact us below to talk to us about the USA Tuition/Scholarship Universities. 

Cyprus 50-100% Scholarship:
Cyprus is the most easterly of the Mediterranean islands and the third largest in the area after Sicily and Sardinia. There are more than 88,000 university students from 135 different countries currently enrolled in 16 major universities in Cyprus. For a quality education at affordable fees, Cyprus is the choice that thousands of students make every year.Cyprus Universities offer 50-75% scholarship to all international university.

Germany 100% Scholarship:
Germany has become a popular destination for foreign students looking for an international education. German Universities offers internationally recognized programs at a relatively cheaper cost compared to UK, USA or Australia. Moreover, there are a significant number of available scholarships that allows foreign students to study in Germany for free.

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